This page has On-line Website Reference Links on the Holocaust, Sephardi Jewry and Ladino language.

Paradise lost, and remembered, for the Jews of Rhodes …

 New book written by Molly FitzMorris

 In Eternal Memory of Giuseppe Cone

Holocaust Memorial Sculpture

I believe the lessons of the Holocaust are these… Menachem Begin

Holocaust Memorials

Kahal Shalom Synagogue Rhodes Island

FREE    eBook    Man’s search for meaning – Viktor E. Frankl

70th Anniversary of Rhodes Island Deportation.

Sorgente di vita del 20/10/2014 – Video 26 minutes – Reunion of the 70th anniversary of the deportation of Jews from Rhodes and Cos

International Jewish Cemetery Project

Jewish Community of Rhodes

Interior of Auschwitz Gas Chamber

Heinrich Himmler’s love letters reveal private life of Nazi monster

Einstein and the Holocaust

March 08, 1948 –  Einstein on the Holocaust: He Never Forgot, Never Forgave

Ignoring the past is condemning the future

Project Riese

Holocaust Encyclopedia

Tattoos and Numbers at Auschwitz concentration camp

Concentration Camps, 1933–1939


Jews of Rhodes

I.S.E. – Institut Sepharade Europeen – E.S.I.


The holocaust in Greece 1941 – 1944 part 2

Issues of Ke Haber?

Rhodes Jewish Historical Foundation

Yad Vashem

The Central Database of Shoah Victims’ Names

How did World War Two affect the treatment of Jews?

Bruno Thut

Maria Coné  neé  Cugno

Matteo Coné

Jacques Coné

Lucia Coné

Nissim Coné

Moshe Coné

Rebecca Coné neé Hasson


Histoire des Juifs en République démocratique du Congo

La revue de la communauté israélite de Kinshasa

The Kahal Shalom Synagogue Rhodes Island

Sephardi Hebrew Congregation of Cape Town

Foods of the Rhodeslis

List of Jews deported from Rhodes

Bendichas Manos

75th Anniversary of Sephardi Hebrew Congregation Of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe and Zambian Jewish Communities

Kaminando y Avlado “Walking and Talking – August 2010


LOS MUESTROS – La boz de loz sefaradim – La voix des sépharades – the sepharadic voice – numéro 46, mars 2002

Sephardic Synagogues Located Around the World

Jewish security organisation plays fast and loose with law

Karen can’t be an ‘instant Jew’ 2002-10-25 10:51

Rhodes and the Holocaust 

YouTube by Joseph Mallel

Sephardic cultures and studies

Ladino or not Ladino?

The vocabulary of Ladino

Losing Ladino: A lone academic bids to salvage the legacy of an historic Sephardi language

UW professor preserves endangered Ladino language

Traditional Ladino Phrases

Remembering Rhodes, Family History, and the Sephardic Holocaust

Greek Jews commemorate 70th anniversary of Auschwitz deportation

Photos of Rhodes

Issues of Ke Haber?

Sephardic Music  – Flory Jagoda Trio

 The Nazi hatred of the Jews

Passing on Holocaust tattoos

Putting Holocaust victims’ names to numbers remains daunting 60 years later

The Evolution of Tattooing in the Auschwitz Concentration Camp Complex

Hommages au Grand Rabbin Moïse Levy

Kidouch et Kadech du Grand Rabbin Moise M. Levy – Pessah

Assi biva Djouha, contes de Djouha de Malca Lévy

USC Shoah Foundation Institute testimony of Giuseppe Coné


List of subcamps of Auschwitz



South African Death Records

Ponidel in the Holocaust

Holocaust Survivors

Easily The Most Powerful 3 Minutes You Will Ever Spend on The Internet

The Auschwitz Album

The Central Database of Shoah Victims’ Names

Fighting antisemitism on-line

The Boreka Diary

Vidas Largas year 2000 by Jo Mallel Part2 – YouTube

February 2010 – “Walking and Talking”

La Juderia

The Holocaust film that was too shocking to show

Sephardi Jews during the Holocaust

“It Was Paradise: Jewish Rhodes”. Conversation with Prof. Richard Freund

The University of Hartford Research Group Project in Rhodes, Greece

Dr. Philip Reeder






International Holocaust Day 27th January 2015

 Holocaust Memorial Day 

They expected the worst- not the unthinkable

1945-2015: Giorno della Memoria

Russia releases 70-year-old classified testimony of Red Army soldiers who liberated Auschwitz

At Auschwitz, survivors and world dignitaries mark 70th anniversary since its liberation

‘N U T S !’: 70 Years Ago Today, Nazi Germany Unleashed Its Final Assault on the American Army

How the World Dishonors the Memory of the Holocaust

Sir Ben Kingsley: Europe Did Not Grieve the Holocaust

Let’s draw a line under the Holocaust, say Germans: 80% want to put the ‘history of persecution of the Jews behind them’

How Auschwitz Is Misunderstood

WATCH: Eva Kor, a survivor of Joseph Mengele’s experiments

NEVER AGAIN was never seen more clearly than when the IAF flew over Auschwitz in 2003…relive it here

Stunning Drone Video of Nazi Concentration Camp (Auschwitz)

Auschwitz Survivor Gena Turgel Walked Out of Gas Chamber Alive

The Holocaust’s Forgotten Victims: The 5 Million Non-Jewish People Killed By The Nazis

Overlooked Millions: Non-Jewish Victims of the Holocaust

Auschwitz survivor has her ‘revenge’, 70 years on from liberation

Auschwitz message still resonates today

Auschwitz Survivors Warn the World: Remembering Is Not Enough

Outliving Horror for 70 Years and Never Forgetting

The children of Auschwitz

Ambassador Prosor’s speech on Preventing Genocide- 70 years since the liberation of Auschwitz

Today the world commemorates 70 years since the liberation of Auschwitz

70 years after the liberation of Auschwitz, Holocaust survivors in Israel are trapped in poverty

Holocaust Survivors Warn Of A Fresh Wave Of Anti-Semitism In Europe

Muslim Scholar Regarding Jews: “If Only Hitler Had Finished Them Off”

Sir Ben Kingsley: Europe Did Not Grieve the Holocaust

Holocaust Remembrance Day

National Holocaust Day: Survivors tell their horrific stories from inside Auschwitz

Auschwitz Survivor Looks Back, Explains Why It’s Important to Remember

Why we all need Holocaust Memorial Day

Eisenhower told General Patton shortly after his visit to Ohrdruf that he wanted “every visitor” in the region to see the camps

Ten years on, has anything changed?




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