On 10/10/2014 18:29 – Isaac Habib wrote on my Facebook
I have found a document concerning your father stipulating the name of his first wife and first boy named Matteo. I’ll photograph it and send it to you. Ref legislation 1938 where Jews were classified of Razza ebraica.
Shabbat Shalom
 Herewith are the document Isaac sent me reflecting my father’s first wife Maria Cugno and eldest son Matteo

In Eternal Memory Of Giuseppe Coné

 In Eternal Memory of Giuseppe Cone
In Eternal Memory of Giuseppe Cone
In Eternal Memory of Giuseppe Cone
In eternal memory of Giuseppe Cone -

Name of those deported and killed by Nazi’s from Rhodes in 1944-



For Original Document written by Giuseppe Coné click here



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  1. Beniamino Sciarcon · · Reply

    Very moving indeed.It seems as my father and yours made the same trips at the same time.My father Moris Sciarcon #7280 was freed from Ebensee same period and was in Rome/Ostia. Emigrated to Israel and then S Rhodesia.Such coincidences make you wonder if in 1944/45 they knew each other .

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